Monday, October 17, 2011

Seeking suggestions

I'm trying to make a list of things that I'd like to have/remember to bring with me for my journeys that would make life/packing easier. I've tried to separate into sections of clothing, tech, and general utility. Some of these things are clearly just something to remember, and others I need to look into buying, and that's where the suggestions begin. I would also love suggestions/additions in the general utility items to remember. Remember we're going for minimal packing, so combining things/ having multi-use items is important)'

Stylish and comfortable walking shoes
Hiking footwear (possibly combinable with previous, but I need something somewhat stylish, and hiking and stylish don't mix too well)
Rain Jacket (brand suggestions?)
comfy-chic dress (horney toad's panoply has been recommended, but I'd love other multi-purpose suggestions)
smart layers (suggestions for utilitarian and attractive?)
Black V-neck Sweater (or similar - useful for anytime)
White button-down (when can't you wear this?)
Convertible pants (,default,pd.html has been suggested, accepting alt. suggestions)
Walking sandals (Teva or similar)

Zoom lens - I just have to buy one, already have DSLR
Sony CyberShot DSC H100V (or similar, looking for snazzy features and compact size)
Audio recorder (inexpensive, digital)
Polarizer lens - Again just have to buy
Tech case - just bought one from Lowepro, let you know how it is when I get it.

Packing/General Utility
Eagle Creek Pack (I like the ones with the zip-off daypacks, anyone know of another brand that does this??)
Self-inflating mattress - looking into NeoAir at the moment, want comfort and low weight more than warmth.
Sleeping Bag
Pack cover - rain, rain, rain
Air pillow (brand?)
Drylite towel (brand?)
Travel clothesline
Duct tape
pain reliever, allergy meds, tums, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Neosporin, clothes detergent, water purification tablets, shake light/wind-up torch, baby wipes
Swiss army knife
Protein bars, peanut butter (other filling small snack?)
Game: uno, etc. (suggestions, preferably language independent?)

That's my list for now. I'm sure it'll grow.

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