Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day #8 - Learning

Day #8 of 30 Days of Indie Travel
Travel and learning go hand in hand. Travel teaches us not only about the world and the people in it, but also more about ourselves and our own ideas and values. What has travel taught you this year?

I think the best thing I learned this year is that I don't miss home as much as I thought I would. Of course, a box of Cheez-its after 6 months abroad is always welcome, but something I hadn't realized until a discussion I had with some other travelers is just ow much most people miss home. When we were getting ready to leave Chile we had an optional event to go talk in English about reverse culture shock and returning home. Everyone talked about how much they missed certain people, places, foods, being in a place where the language spoken is our native one, etc. It was at that event that I realized that the fact that I get along just fine without "home" is not normal. I'm glad to be abnormal like that, because it makes traveling that much simpler.

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