Thursday, September 30, 2010

The last few weeks of my life

It's been quite awhile since I've remembered to update this, which I guess should tell y'all that I'm having a great time! I've been spending my days either in class or sitting at one of the dining places on campus hanging out with my friends who live off campus. In the afternoons (and by afternoons I mean after 5, when I finally go back to my room) I try to Skype with people when they're online, which for most people is pretty infrequently (ahem, my family). At night I head down to the commons to hang out with my on campus friends (who, I realized recently, are all guys, yet again). We usually hang out, watch tv, run to quick (the 24 hour mart on campus), grab some Tabasco (the only hot food place open 24 hours), or hang out in the Gardens or in the commons with a guitar or two. Somewhere in there I might throw in some homework, but my classes are all pretty easy at this point so all my homework really is is reading. I generally retire anywhere from midnight to 2 on weeknights.
Weekends, however, are becoming a completely different story. This past weekend I went into the city both nights and had an awesome time, so I think that definitely needs to happen more often. Thursday went to a yacht party on the Nile, which was pretty legit, and then after we went (well, tried to go to) a club, but they wanted us to pay 100LE minimum and we didn't really want to drink anymore so there was no way we would get our money out of that. After that we went to a bar and had some sheesha and hung out for awhile before I got in a taxi home at 4:30AM! And the taxi driver got lost so by the time I finally crawled into bed it was just after 6. For some reason after that crazy night I decided it would be a good idea to go out again the next night, minus the alcohol. When I first headed downtown we headed to a sheesha place my friend likes (notice a trend here? Lots of sheesha) and hung out there for awhile before I got hungry and I got some shwarma and rice pudding at a nearby restaurant (so much cheaper than campus, yet still a bit pricey) before heading back to Zamalek (the island on the Nile where the off-campus dorms are). Once there we found ourselves at a party hosted by some guys from West Point. Remember that no alcohol thing? Well they had American liquor, so I decided to have a drink. Don't worry, I only had one, and boy was it delicious compared to the shitty Egyptian stuff I've been drinking. Anyhow the party ran out of alcohol not too long after I got there so we left pretty early, which was good because I got to catch the last bus home at 2AM. I'll tell ya, those busses, much less creepy than cabs. Even after I got back to campus though I didn't go to bed. I ended up hanging out with some people and I didn't go to bed until about 5:30 yet again.
Anyhow the point I was trying to make here is that there can be mouthing to do here on one night and too much to do the next. It kinda drives me crazy how bored that leaves me some weeknights,but I'm sure glad that I can at least escape from this campus prison on weekends.

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