Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Woah craziness

Wow, the lat two days have been crazy. Yesterday (Monday) was the second day of classes and is was pretty similar to the first, except one of my Arabic classes was canceled and I only had one evening class. I also decided that I am gong to go on a trip with my friend Sean this weekend to Dahab, a beach town in the sinai peninsula. I am sooooo excited for it I can barely contain myself. I went to the travel office yesterday afternoon and gave them my 90 LE for my one way bus ticket ( I guess you can only buy one way) and I could barely contain myself on the way back to my dorm.
Today was awesome, but also really long. This morning at ten I had a trip to islamic Cairo, which was interesting and pretty but it was really hot and the tour guide was really annoying. From there I took the bus to Zamalak to see Sean because we've been trying to find a time when I could come down because I hadn't been there yet. Zamalak is the AUC dorm in the city, about a 45 minute ride from campus. When I got there he was at lunch with a couple of his friends so I sat for a bit and talked for a bit because we had met before and they're gonna be in Dahab with me this weekend. After that we just kinda hung out in the common room for a while trying to plan what hostel well be staying in and then we went for a walk around the island (Zamalak is an island in the middle of the Nile). After that we went out to dinner with his friends and my roommate Savannah and her friend Lacey who had joined us. After dinner Sean had plans with an Egyptian friend of his who is a tour guide here so we separated from the group to go meet up with him.
We headed downtown to walk around for a while at this little cafe that I guess Essam (Sean's friend) knew well and this is where I first tried sheesha(!). It was interesting. I would probably try it again, maybe in a different flavor. While at the cafe we got a call from Sean's friend informing us that the travel office had called him and there were no tickets left for the bus we wanted to take or any other bus to Dahab this weekend. It was kinda devastating, we were soooo excited for this trip and so bummed that it wasn't gonna a happen. We mention this to Essam and what does he say? Oh, I can get you private bus, at good rate for me because I am an agent. Our thought: OMG yes we love you. So this bus is going to cost us about another 25LE per person, but it's private and air conditioned, so I'm ok with that. After the cafe we walked around for awhile to some little shops, and I bought a pair of shoes off the street for the equivalent of $1. I mean they're pretty crappily made but they're decent looking and the price was right so whatever. Hopefully they're comfy.we got some ice cream and walked around a mall for a little bit before Sean and I had to head back to Zamalak so I could catch the midnight bus. As I am writing this my bus is pulling onto campus and I will post this in the morning after I sleep.

I am leaving this evening for Dahab so I will not be updating for several days most likely.

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