Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting used to life in the middle of ñowhere (though don't get me wrong it's much less the middle of nowhere than New Cairo)

It's been far too long. I need to get better at this.
Alright, the last 2 weeks. I... went to a lot of classes, aparrantly mostly for nothing, because the ones I selected and signed up for today I have, for the most
part, never been to. Of the four ramos I plan on taking I have been to two of them zero times, one once, and one twice. One class I'm not taking I've been to three times... Also, I am incredibly emocionado (excited) to finally be (almost) done selecting classes, it is a process that I would not wish on anyone.
Two weekends ago I went to Valparaíso, a costal city, and wen
t to the beach. I had a great time in the (huge) waves and got very VERY burnt. That sunday I did absolutely nothing because, well, owwwww.
Last weekend was a lot of going out. I went out
Thursday night to do karaoke with some friends, and then we ended up going to a club and dancing. Friday we went out because, well, it was Friday? Saturday we went out so that we could start of my friend Greg's birthday with a drink at midnight. Sunday, for Greg's birthday, we went to Fantasilandia, a magical place that I am absolutely in LOVE with. It was the most ridiculous day I have had so far in Chile, and far too much craziness happened for me to describe it all here, but we had an epic day, and we assume that videos of our craziness are probably up on Youtube somewhere. We're that cool. After that we went to Greg's house for cake and stuff, and had more good times reminiscing over music from our childhoods.
Tonight SHAKIRA is in town, but I can't go beca
use I went to buy my ticket the other day and all the cheap tickets are sold out =(. I was SO excited for this concert and I'm really bummed that I can't go. My friends are all on their way there now. ='(
This weekend, I'll be going RAFTING. As in white water rafting. I'm super psyched and hope it'll be awesome. There's an asado after with grille
d food and beer and I feel like it should be a good day all around.

At some point this week (I can't keep the days straight) I had onces with my extended host family, many of whom I had never met before. I took this picture so that y'all could see my family. On the far right is Daniela, my hermana (sister) Daniela (Dani) and second from the left, on the couch is my host mom Margarita. They're the two I live with. O, and:

This is our gatita. She's adorable and fluffy.

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