Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is this what you want for your country, ya masr?

Is this what you want for your country, ya masr?
You made history last year, ya masr, Egypt, you took to the streets and did not leave, send they camels or tanks or snipers, until Hosni Mubarak had stepped down. You want to have a say in your government, ya masr, and the first thing you had to say was erhal, leave. There were many times when you weren't sure you were being heard, ya masr, but you did not go home. For two and a half weeks you lived in tents in Tahrir, ya masr, being tear gassed and shot at, creating your own hospital to treat the wounded. Then, horreya, freedom, ya masr, or so we all hoped, but SCAF seems to have other plans. The problem, though, ya masr, is that you also have some of the blame for your county's lack of unity. You have allowed yourselves to become divided over so many things, ya masr, and you have let them take advantage of you. There are so many things that you agree on, ya masr, but you have divided yourselves over soccer, over religious beliefs, over so many issues that you forget that you are all the same shabab, people, who stood together for what you believe. You chant ta7ia masr, long live Egypt, but you will fall apart, ya masr, if you do not stand together.

Read more about the Port Said riot and my inspiration for this post here.

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